Compressed air dryers

Compressed air dryers

Compressed air dryers which can be found in most commercial facilities, is used to remove water vapor from compressed air. This vapor is considered a contaminant and can cause operational problems such as freezing in air ways such as pipes and equipment used in compression of air through raising the dew point of condensed air in comparison to the atmospheric air leading to condensation of passing air.

There are various types of air dryers, among them are the refrigerated and regenerative dryers. The refrigerated dryer uses two heat exchangers one for air to refrigeration and another for air to air exchangers with a goal of cooling hot incoming air and increase the temperature of outgoing air to reduce re-condensation while using smaller compressors to do this. These dryers use airtight compressors which mostly run on two types of gases; R-134a and R-410a. Regenerative dryers which belong to the class of desiccant dryers use desiccant materials such as silica gel, alumna and molecular gel to absorb the water in compressed air making the desiccant material saturates. The saturated desiccants are blown off to evaporate the water and recycle the material. The main objective here is to use desiccants to bring the dew point of the condensed air to a level where the water will no longer condensed.

Compressed air filters and piping

Equipment needs to be protected from water, air, dust and oils, compressed air filters are the best for this purpose. There are different types and qualities of air filters. The best filters have a lower pressure-drop and will come in handy to save energy. Compressed air pipes are used to feed air into the equipment. They should therefore be of the right size and be strong enough to withstand the pressure. Compressed air pipes generates pressure drops, the large the size the more the pressure drops and the smaller it is the harder it will be for air to pass through because of pressure.

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