What you should know about Commercial Air Compressors

An air compressor is a device that converts power into potential energy and stores it in form of pressurized air by use of electric motor or other forms of energy such as fuels. Air compressors work in such a way that they increase pressure in storage tanks by forcing air into the tank until pressure is maximized in the tank therefore reducing the atmospheric pressure. When the air is being released from the tank it converts into kinetic energy which can be used in numerous ways including in industrial purposes. Different air components are compressed and used differently example; pneumonic tools are driven by compressed carbon dioxide which is converted into the air needed by the pneumonic motor to perform its purposes and when diving beyond 100 feet special breathing air mixes including oxygen and helium or another inert gas are used. The inert gases are used to dilute the oxygen into appropriate concentration to make it safer for breathing as it is usually the only metabolically active gas.

Compressed Air Systems companies and rentals

Manufacturing facilities may find themselves renting air compressors equipment’s in order to keep operations going when there are unexpected equipment failures, during planned maintenance or when the season is on the peak and there are high demands. This is because compressed air is critical for most industrial processes and these air compressor rental companies provide access to reliable and temporary compressed air to run manufacturing plants therefore maximizing productivity. During capital constraints and restricted capital budget processing plants may rent air compressors to meet their production needs instead of buying new equipment. It is therefore fundamental for plants to have a contingency plan for renting air processing equipment in case of failures or emergencies to avoid financial losses.

An air compressor system

Air compressors are divided into two main categories; roto-dynamic and positive-displacement. Positive-displacement air compressors work by compressing air and forcing it into go into decreased volume chambers where it is let out through a port or a valve into an outlet system. Common types of positive-displacement compressors include rotary screw compressors, vane compressors and piston-type air compressors.